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Your Membership with Historic Fort Steuben offers you free admission to all events, a subscription to our monthly Dispatch, a 10% discount in the Museum Shop, and the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping maintain a unique educational and historic site.

Because of your membership with Historic Fort Steuben we will be able to continue to offer historical, educational, and cultural programs. Thank you for your interest in Historic Fort Steuben and for wanting to help us in our mission of Keeping History Alive!

You can sign up here, print off the membership form or give us a call. We can arrange a sustaining membership - $10 or $20 a month automatically withdrawn from your checking account. Call 740-283-1787.

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• Explorer: $25/Year/Person
• Settler: $35/Year/Family
• Surveyor: $50/Year/Group
• Quartermaster: $75/Year
• Commandant: $100/Year

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