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Changing Seasons

November has arrived with cold winds, blowing leaves and holiday anticipation. The Fort is closed for the season but we had great visits from school groups, scouts and families to add to our memories. And now we winterize the Fort and move into the Park and indoors to prepare for our popular holiday attraction.

If you stop by the Visitor Center you will see staff and volunteers busy changing exhibits, stocking inventory in the gift shop and sending out brochures to inquirers. During those mild October days we were able to erect the outside lighting for the 5th annual Nutcracker Village and Advent Market. We moved the market chalets out of storage. The Nutcracker Guild has been freshening up previous nutcrackers as well as painting new ones for their move to Fort Steuben Park on Nov. 26. We are also setting up for the newest addition: the Gingerbread House Competition! We are grateful to all our sponsors and volunteers who make this delightful event possible. Check out the schedule and details at and join us this season.

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