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Lewis & Clark

Congress recently approved the extension of the national Lewis & Clark Heritage Trail to include what is called the Eastern Legacy: the time of preparation before Meriwether Lewis met William Clark at the Falls of the Ohio ( Louisville, Kentucky). Under the guidance and direction of President Thomas Jefferson, Lewis spent time reading from Jefferson's extensive library at Monticello and studying with America's leading scientists in Philadelphia to better survey and gather information on the geography, resources, plants, animals and native tribes that the expedition would meet as they explored the newly acquired lands of the Louisiana Purchase. He then traveled to Pittsburgh where the 55 foot keelboat was to be constructed, on the way gathering the supplies that would be needed. He left Pittsburgh and began traveling down the Ohio River on August 31, 1803. September 6 was one of the many times that Lewis and the keelboat got stuck on "riffles" in the river. This time he had to trek into the nearby town of Steubenville to hire some oxen to haul the boat free. Learn more about the adventures of Lewis and crew during the Eastern Legacy at the exhibit on display in the Exhibit Hall at Historic Fort Steuben.

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