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November 1786

It was cold. The snow came down in heavy flakes, blanketing the logs and rafters of the block houses and officers’ quarters. The roofs were ready to be shingled but they couldn’t be completed until the chimneys were erected. Most of the work on the fort came to a halt while men crossed the swollen Ohio River in the blowing snow to collect stones that the Virginia farmers had piled in the corners of their fields. Shortages of woolen breeches and – even worse – shoes made it difficult for all the men to work outdoors. But by Nov. 4, the roofs, floors, and chimneys were secured in all five of the buildings and the men had shelter for the coming winter.

Want to learn more? Get a copy of The Story of Historic Fort Steuben by Dr. John Holmes from the Museum Shop in the Visitor Center or order online Old Fort Steuben – Ohio Valley – Shop Where I Live.

The Museum Shop also carries books on local history by Allan Eckert and Alan Fitzpatrick that make excellent gifts.

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