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The Joy of Quilts

Spring is officially here and that means Historic Fort Steuben presents its annual Spring Quilt Show. Over two dozen beautifully crafted and sewn creations fill the exhibit hall and bring a panorama of color and design after a drab and trying winter. Many of the quilts have a fascinating story behind them.

The quilts are on loan from their owners - all local - who have either created or inherited them. Over the years, the display has included baby quilts, church memory quilts, and tee shirt quilts as well as ultra-modern wall hangings.

The exhibit will run from March 29 to April 10, 10-4 from Mon-Sat and 11-4 on Sunday. Why not combine a visit with the Great Steubenville Eggsibition: 32 giant Easter Eggs will be strategically hidden around downtown Steubenville from April 2 - May 2. And check out the Easter Eggsibition Story Walk - in conjunction with the Downtown Public Library - hunting for pages from a book along with the eggs.

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