The Nutcrackers Return!

Although there were no festivities for the soldiers at the Fort at the Christmas of 1786, we are making up for it in 2020! The unique and delightful life-size Nutcrackers produced by Nelson's of Steubenville return to Fort Steuben Park and line the streets of the historic downtown. In keeping with COVID-19 directives, all these outdoor attractions are spaced to allow social distancing while staff, vendors and visitors are encouraged to wear masks when able.

The Advent Market offers crafts, food, and gifts and is more spread out to prevent congregating. The light displays and holiday music add magic and a joyful atmosphere. We are grateful for the sponsorship of Trinity Health System, WTOV9, M&M True Value, Tri-State Financial Services, National Colloid, DeNoon Lumber, Cattrell Companies, and the many other donors who allow us to offer this as a free event.

Although some of the usual activities have had to be postponed until next year, there are still a number of events to make a visit a memorable occasion for the whole family. Check out the website for a complete schedule: If you are traveling, it may be best to call first to learn if there are any last minute changes.

All of the staff and volunteers at Historic Fort Steuben wish you a safe, healthy, and joyful holiday!

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