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Berkman Amphitheater

The 30'x40' Berkman Amphitheater was constructed by a generous gift from the late Louis Berkman, long-time Steubenville businessman and philanthropist.

The Berkman Amphitheater is the site of the Fort Steuben Summer Concert Series that presents free performances on Thursday evenings from late May through early August.

The Berkman Amphitheater is available for non-profit events and programs associated with the promotion of the civic, cultural, and educational needs of the community. The Amphitheater will seat approximately 300 people on benches and hundreds more in the grassy field overlooking the Ohio River.

For information on renting the Amphitheater or a listing of scheduled events, call 740-283-1787.

Click here for Amphitheater rental requirements and application.

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