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A Musical Summer

For the 17th year, Historic Fort Steuben has offered free concerts on Thursday nights in the beautiful Berkman Amphitheater overlooking the Ohio River. This year saw a great variety of oldies, country, rock, soul, tributes, and generally lively performances to please many musical tastes.

We are grateful to the many businesses, organizations, and individuals who contributed to make this season successful. We also received a grant from the Ohio Art Council to help cover the costs.

Over the years we have seen other communities develop their own concert venues and programs adding to the quality of life for all in the Ohio Valley. Providing cultural opportunities is just one way that Historic Fort Steuben has sparked revitalization in the area.

Now we would like your input on the concerts and how we can make them better in the future. Please take a few minutes and complete the survey HERE. All suggestions will be considered by the planning committee for next year. And thank YOU for your support.

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