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History and the Arts

Although our main mission at Historic Fort Steuben is to focus on the 18th century military fort, we must also include the history that came before, the culture and issues of the period, and its impact on the story of America.

That is why when you visit the Fort you will also see exhibits on historic events such as the American Revolution, on projects like the survey of the land and the ordinances that governed the Northwest Territory, on people who impacted the development of Steubenville and Ohio like Edmund Stanton, on the culture of the Native American tribes that were in the area, and on the traditions of the people who settled the area.

Art is part of what it means to be human. From carvings in ancient caves to paintings in modern museums, art is both personal and social and reflects the society in which it is produced. In March, the Fort Steuben Visitor Center will host a display of local art: Celebrate Steubenville Today. Over 25 artists from the region will present their unique portrayals of scenes and architecture found in 21st century Steubenville. Not only will it be a opportunity to admire creativity but it can serve as an historical record for the future.

Quilting is an artform that developed out of necessity and is another way a culture uses its resources and expresses itself. Our annual Spring Quilt Show will be on display in April, and we welcome all local crafters to submit a quilt or topper or fabric art to the exhibit.

Music in all its forms is another human expression. While the soldiers of the 1st American Regiment were building the original Fort Steuben, Mozart was composing “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” in Vienna. The soldiers at the Fort might have been humming folk songs or traditional tunes but they had no instruments, radios, or other means to hear music. But here at Fort Steuben Park, we present a variety of live music at our annual Summer Concerts. Watch for the 2023 schedule of performers. We invite you to visit, enjoy, and support our efforts at “Keeping History Alive!” in all its forms.

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