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Junior Ranger Program

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Historic Fort Steuben is one of only 30 locations in 13 states across the country now offering the Lewis and Clark Trail Junior Ranger program. Youth, families, and the young at heart can pick up a free Lewis and Clark Trail Junior Ranger activity booklet and earn a Junior Ranger badge and be part of this national program that digs deeper into the history of the Corps of Discovery.

“This program tells an inclusive history of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, beginning with tribal homelands and highlighting the diverse backgrounds of the expedition members,” said Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Superintendent Mark Weekley. “We've developed innovative, multimedia elements to make the program more engaging and accessible for all.”

“We are especially pleased to have all these educational resources associated with the Lewis and Clark expedition since we only recently became part of the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail of the National Park Service ,” explained Paul Zuros, Executive Director at Historic Fort Steuben. “Steubenville is mentioned in the journal of Meriwether Lewis and it’s awesome to realize that these historic events happened on the river just beyond our site!”

Historic Fort Steuben has a permanent display in the Exhibit Hall and offers books and coloring books in the Museum Shop about the expedition.

Read-along videos are available online so participants can hear the activities narrated and audio-described. This feature is particularly helpful for participants or guardians with low or no vision. Later this summer, program participants will also be able to engage with tactile maps of the Lewis and Clark Trail. These 3D maps convey the scope and topography of the 4,900 mile expedition route and helps users with low or no vision access map information.

“We want to remind kids that they can also become a Junior Ranger from home by visiting the Lewis and Clark Trail Junior Ranger Online page and completing interactive activities,” Zuros added. Participants can stop by the information desk at Historic Fort Steuben during open hours Monday – Saturday 10am – 4pm; and Sunday 11am – 4pm, to pick up a booklet to complete during their visit.

Find more information on the Lewis and Clark Trail Junior Ranger Program and find more kids activities by visiting the Lewis and Clark Trail’s Kids & Youth page.

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