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Summer News

August continues the heat of summer with the anticipation of cooler days ahead. At Historic Fort Steuben we offer shady spaces as relief from the heat as well as for quiet times of thought and rest. We have added café tables and umbrellas in the park and the trees we planted years ago now provide shade. Our mission is primarily to maintain and promote history, but we also know that the Fort and the Park serve as both an educational site and a green space for the community. The presence of food trucks on Thursdays and Fridays adds another flavor to the area.

Our latest improvement is the installation of additional lighting around the Berkman Amphitheater seating areas. This will allow us to offer more safely additional programs and events in the evenings.

Inside the Fort itself, we have replaced wooden gates, repaired and added ramps and added additional interpretive signage to the exhibits. Our visitors appreciate the information and the authenticity we have provided. The Fort is open daily for self-guided tours; a personal tour guide can be scheduled by calling in advance. Don't let the summer pass without a visit to the Fort and the Museum Shop where books on local history, toys, maps, and unique gifts - including gift certificates - can be purchased. We have made every effort to follow safety and health protocols and do request that masks be worn during this time.

We may be experiencing a pandemic, a recession, and distressing times, but no matter what the latest crisis is in the world, we will continue to serve the public while "Keeping History Alive!"

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