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A Century of Change

March is Women's History Month and Historic Fort Steuben will host a special exhibit from the Ohio History Connection entitled "Ohio Women Vote: 100 Years of Change." The display tells the story from Ohio women from varied backgrounds who participated in the early days of the suffrage movement before the Civil War through the present day. Quotes from articles, speeches, books, letters and oral history interviews allow the women to speak in their own voices. The right to vote - which so many take for granted today - was just one of the rights that women were denied from the start of the republic. The exhibit showcases the struggles to have women treated as equal citizens and the results of those efforts. Visitors can enter into the experience by posing for selfies in front of a panoramic view of Steubenville in 1810 carrying signs or wearing suffrage sashes. Students are invited to present a 3-minute speech on a soap box giving their reasons for (or against) women's suffrage. The exhibit will run from March 2-13 at the Visitor Center, Mondays through Fridays from 10-4 and by appointment.

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