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A New Decade at Fort Steuben

Welcome to the 2020s with Historic Fort Steuben! It was back in 1989 that a group of interested citizens built the first buildings that would become Historic Fort Steuben. From that spark grew the fort, visitor center, and park. We are so excited to be in our third decade providing programs, events, tours, exhibits and now Nutcrackers to the community.

For this year, we are already developing a full schedule to help you keep “History Alive” with us. As always it takes the support from our community to keep the mission going. Please consider becoming a member of our organization. There are many different giving levels to fit your needs and budget- Individuals-$25; Families-$35; Organizations-$50-$100 and more. We thank you in advance for your generosity. Sign up on our home page to receive our newsletter and email updates monthly to be up to date with the latest news from Fort Steuben.

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