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Astronomy Outreach

Imagine what the sky looked like back in 1786 when the soldiers started constructing Fort Steuben. There were no lights other than the candles, torches, and campfires at night. The sky would have been ablaze with stars and planets, meteors and asteroids.

It's difficult to capture that experience in modern cities with the light pollution from street lights, and home and store lighting.

Amateur astronomer Zach Coldebella has been able to help city folk view the heavens through his telescopes which he has set up at Fort Steuben Park and other venues in the past.

This month - October 14th - there will be a partial solar eclipse over Steubenville and Zach will have his telescope set up in Fort Steuben Park for visitors to view this celestial event. He will also have the proper glasses to wear to prevent eye damage.

Pair this with a visit to the Fort, combining history and science in one day!

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