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Celebrate America's 250th

On July 4, 2026, we will celebrate the United States' 250th anniversary and as with any big event planning has begun. This is an opportunity for everyone to come together, setting aside differences, and find our common purpose. With that in mind, Historic Fort Steuben will be participating in America 250-Ohio.

In 2021, the state of Ohio established the Ohio Commission for the U.S. Semiquincentennial, America 250-Ohio, to prepare for Ohio’s participation in the nation’s 250th anniversary in 2026. We are often reminded that Americans today are polarized, too often at odds about various political and social issues. America 250-Ohio is striving to bring together diverse voices in unifying ways. We don’t all have to agree about how to interpret American history or the founding fathers. In fact, we’re far better off thinking critically, asking difficult questions and listening to the perspective of others.

If you wish to be part of this journey toward Independence Day, 2026, please start by attending a Listening Session at the Fort Steuben Visitor Center on Wednesday, August 17 at 6:30pm. As one of ten sites in Ohio to hold these sessions, we will welcome the Commission's Executive Director, Todd Kleismit, to explain the program and solicit ideas from the community. Please RSVP to or call the Fort at 740.283.1787.

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