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Celebrating 35 Years

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

This month marks the 35th year since the founding of the non-profit Old Fort Steuben Project. Skeptics scoffed that the plan to reconstruct the 18th century frontier fort on its original site - then a pitted gravel parking lot - would ever get off the ground. But the efforts of a dedicated Committee and the support of the community confounded the doubters and made the dream come true.

Today an entire city block is dedicated to history, education, and culture. The Fort and the First Federal Land Office attract hundreds of visitors to learn about the beginnings of the westward movement and life on the Ohio frontier. Fort Steuben Park with the Veterans Memorial Fountain and the Berkman Amphitheater offers a refreshing green space in the downtown.

We invite you to celebrate with us and to send a "birthday card" via email or snail mail and to include a $35 gift to commemorate 35 years of "Keeping History Alive!" Follow THIS LINK to print off a quarter-fold card to send with your donation to 120 S. 3rd Street, Steubenville OH 43952 or email to

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