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Fall at the Fort

Opportunities to learn about the Constitution, see the Fort by candlelight, and meet experts on archaeology, military history, Ohio River natural life, and Native American cultures will be presented at Historic Fort Steuben this fall.

The annual exhibit "Celebrate the Constitution" will run from Sept. 5 to 18 from 10am to 4pm in Fort Steuben's Exhibit Hall. The exhibit highlights the signers, the details and the history of America’s founding document which is commemorated every year on September 17, Constitution Day. It also includes displays on the founders also offers visitors the opportunity to sign a replica of the Constitution and receive a free pocket Constitution. Puzzles, information and quiz sheets are available to take home as well.

New for this year, the Fort has an Adult Education ProgramSept. 13, 14, & 15, 6-8pm, for all those grownups who envied the kids in the annual Summer Youth Program. Special guest and local author Alan Fitzpatrick will speak on Native American history and culture. Other topics will include the surveying and settlement of the Northwest Territory, the military experiences at the Fort, the Lewis and Clark expedition and the work of archaeologists. Also, they will have a chance to learn about the local creatures in the Ohio River as well as march with Baron von Steuben. Cost for the program will be $45 total or $15 per day. Pre-registration is required. Click here for registration form.

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