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Fort Visits

Historic Fort Steuben will be closing for tours at the end of the month so now is a good time to schedule a visit with your family, students or adult group who are interested in learning about this interesting period of American history.

America was in adolescence - in the process of defining itself as a nation on the world stage. The Constitutional Convention had not yet convened while the 1st American Regiment was protecting the surveyors on the Northwest Territory. The process of surveying began the westward movement and allowed the "common man" to become a land owner. The rectilinear survey that started in "the Seven Ranges" (from East Liverpool south to Marietta) soon spread across the country. Even today, the effects of that survey can be seen as you fly across the Midwest and look down on the huge square lines that crisscross the landscape. A tour of the Fort and Land Office will give you insight into those early years of our country.

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