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Our COVID Response

From early March, the staff and volunteers at Historic Fort Steuben have diligently followed all recommended practices to prevent the spread of Covid-19. We have contacted the local health department and the officials in Columbus several times to ensure that we meet all protocols. We have spent thousands of dollars on supplies and materials to make the Fort, the Visitor Center, and Fort Steuben Park a safe place for visitors and for those who work here.

We have eliminated as many opportunities for “gatherings” and crowding as possible and have obeyed the recommendations for retail establishments in the Visitor Center and the Advent Market: signage, face masks, physical distancing, regular cleansing and disinfecting of surfaces, etc.

All who enter the Visitor Center wear masks; many come as family groups. We use common sense and discretion in controlling the numbers who come to shop and browse.

We have made every effort and will continue to do so to ensure that every person who steps onto the property of Historic Fort Steuben is aware of the rules and respects our efforts to keep everyone safe, especially during the Nutcracker Village and the holiday season.

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