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Preparing for Spring

It's been a long, wet, cold, icy, snowy, and difficult winter to many in the Ohio Valley. Power outages gave us all a taste of what life was like when the soldiers of the 1st American Regiment inhabited Fort Steuben.

But now the ground is thawing, and we at Historic Fort Steuben are busy preparing for the many events that we will host this year.

The next two months will bring the early spring flowers but also two colorful programs to the Fort.

  • March 9-30: The Steubenville Art Association is preparing an Art Show featuring the varied work of many talented members. Several of their pieces will be for sale as well. Be sure to take some time to see their offerings. There will be an Open House & Reception to meet the artists on Saturday, March 12 from 5-7pm.

  • April 4-18: The annual Spring Quilt Show will be on display in the Exhibit Hall and will feature over 2 dozen unique fabric creations. Some old, some new, but each a unique expression of its owner. If you or someone you know would be interested in having a quilt included in the display this year, download or pick up a Quilt Show entry form and return it by March 15.

Besides these exhibits, we will be busy putting away all the Christmas decor and Advent Market chalets and preparing to install the first part of the new walkway inside the Fort. We are excited to know that the walkway will be more accessible for those with walkers, wheelchairs, and strollers. We continue to welcome donations towards that project.

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