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Staying True to Mission

Although Historic Fort Steuben offers summer concerts, art exhibits, and community events in Fort Steuben Park, our primary mission is preserving, presenting, and promoting the history of the 18th century fort and the community that developed from it. For over 35 years, the board and staff of this private non-profit have raised funds and worked to expand and improve displays as well as to maintain the ten wooden structures that comprise the reconstructed military fort and the 1st Federal Land Office.

From its very beginning, Fort Steuben has presented an annual festival highlighting the history of the Fort, its importance in the development of the country, and the culture of the time. Once again soldier, surveyor, settler, and Native American reenactors will set up camps on the grounds and give visitors a hands-on experience of early American frontier life. Entry fees deliberately have been kept low with special discounts for families in order to make the event accessible to as many as possible. Our motto – “Keeping History Alive!” – still shapes our plans and projects. We hope to see many new visitors August 6 & 7 for this year’s festival!

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