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Remembering Steubenville

Explore the history of the City of Murals through the eyes of those who lived it. Perfect for fans of Ohio and American frontier history.


Beginning as a military fort on the banks of the Ohio River, Steubenville powered into the twentieth century with steam and steel. Fierce battles, raging fires and tragedy on the river could not deter this indefatigable community, and it emerged as an industrial and cultural beacon for the Ohio Valley.

With warmth and humor, Dr. John R. Holmes chronicles the fascinating history and the colorful characters of Steubenville. Brimming with tales of lavish theatres, local brews, famous crooners, and personalities such as spunky Mother Beatty and legendary steamboat captain George O'Neil, this collection of vignettes offers a glimpse into a vibrant city and its proud people.

Remembering Steubenville

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